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Meet Cindy and Steve and why you should choose The Housekeepers  to clean your home!

Your Maid Service and Housekeeping choice for over 25 years!

For over twenty five years Madison and Huntsville homeowners have chosen The Housekeepers as their house cleaning company of choice.  We provide quality cleaning by a professional housekeeper at rates that are affordable.  The reason  why our business has grown each year is because we value each and every customer.  You are important to us, and we want you to be impressed with our service.  Keeping happy customers is job #1.  

Reviews and customer referrals are the life blood of a good service company and we are honored that so many customers have entrusted us to clean their homes! 

We have had  a bi-weekly cleaning for about  six months now. We are so pleased with the young lady that cleans our home. The office staff is great, always friendly and reschedules when we need too! 

I was skeptical at first, thinking there was no way anyone could come in an clean my home to my standards but I was VERY surprised. When I got home I was delighted at how amazing Leigh made my home look. She did a fantastic job an I will definitely be having her back.

The Housekeepers has been cleaning my home bi-weekly for several years. They do great work! My assigned housekeeper is awesome. I can't say enough good things about their service. It's nice to come home to a perfectly clean home every time. I highly recommend them to anyone that values professional excellent service. 

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