Cost Example for 8 rooms

 Save $30 on first cleaning

Save $30 on your first cleaning!  Coupon is applied at time of estimate.  No cash value. One coupon per home.  First time customers only.

Example - Room count

Kitchen                       1.0

Breakfast area           0.5

Dining room               1.0

Living room                1.0

Master bedroom       1.0

Master bathroom      1.5

Hall bath                     1.0

Hall/Foyer/Stairs        1.0


Total rooms              8

Example Price 8 rooms - Average condition. 

First Cleaning  $130 - $30 coupon = $100

Beginning with your second regular cleaning

Weekly Cleanings    $80

Biweekly Cleanings  $90

Monthly Cleanings   $100

Add an additional room on to each regular cleaning beginning at only $8.00 per room. 

Add an occasional room on last minute at your regular cleaning  beginning at $12.00 per room.

Room count is based on size of room, furnishings, nick Knacks, and condition.  Some areas may be counted as more than one room. First time cleanings may have additional costs.  Regular service is weekly, biweekly, or monthly service that is continuous and not skipped or canceled.  Skipped cleanings may result in a new first time cleaning charge. Each home must be ready to clean and be in average condition or additional fees may apply.