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Do you send teams? - On a regular basis we send one housekeeper to clean your home.

Do you send the same person back each time? - Yes, every effort is made to send the same person each cleaning.

What if my housekeeper is sick? - We would send a substitute to clean.

Do you do background checks on your employees? - Yes, all employees are background checked and drug screened.

What if a housekeeper is injured in my home? - We carry workers compensation insurance on all of our employees.

Are you licensed? - Yes we are licensed in Madison County, Madison City, Huntsville City, and Decatur City.

What if something is damaged? - We carry liability insurance. We do ask that items we clean are limited to the item value, repair cost, or up to $500, which ever is less.

What if something is missing? -  Call the office, but thankfully this is something that rarely ever comes up.  We have a great reputation in our community.

How long have you been in business? -  Over twenty years and going strong!

Do you supply the equipment and supplies? - Yes we supply everything needed.   We do ask that you provide a toilet bowl brush for use in your home.  And if a customer chooses to provide their own cleaners and equipment we can accommodate their request.

How is payment made? -  Payment is made at the time of cleaning.  We accept cash, checks, and visa/master card as forms of payment.  Cash and check are left on the kitchen counter.  Please call the office to arrange a credit card payment.  Beginning in January 2020 a $4.00 fee will be applied to each cleaning paid with a credit card.

How do you get in if I am not home?A key location at your home is the most convenient.  You can also give us a key to keep.  Some customers use a lock box, much like a realtor would use.   Garage or door codes are also a good option.

Is there a lock out fee? - Yes, if we are locked out of your home we must charge a $25.00 lock out fee.  This is to pay for mileage and your housekeepers travel time.

Can I cancel or change an appointment? - Yes, please try to give us 48hrs notice.  This allows us time to find other work for your housekeeper so her check is not short.

Can I add rooms to my regular cleaning? - Yes call the office for a new price.

Do you pick up before you clean? - We do general straightening when we clean but we do ask that the home is picked up to allow us to spend our time cleaning.

Do you provide one-time cleanings or move-out cleanings? - No we specialize in homes where the customer wants their house to be cleaned on a regular schedule.  We provide regular service of weekly, biweekly, or monthly cleanings.

What is your satisfaction guarantee?  - If any item on our check plus list is not cleaned to your satisfaction please call the office within 24hrs of your cleaning and we will return at no charge to re-clean the item.

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